Masternodes Made Easy.

We believe deploying a Secure Masternode should be accessible to all, regardless of their skillset or technical prowess!


Our automated deploy makes setting up a Masternode look like child's play rather than rocket science, all with minimal input from you and no need to ssh into a server.


A secure Masternode is vital for a secure network, therefore each server is prepared following industry best-practices to ensure your Masternodes remain secure.


Because we know you're eager to start racking up those Masternode rewards, you can go from new server to a fully deployed Masternode ready to start in just a couple of minutes!


Currently supported Masternodes with accompanying instructions.

We’re continously striving to add more Masternodes to the ranks. Is there a particular one you have your eye on? Reach out to the developers and let them know about us.


The jury is out and it seems unanimous… Couldn’t be easier to setup a Masternode.

“Thanku so much. After fkin about with the other setup guide for a few days, found yours & got it working 1st time. Now have 2 going with no trouble at all. Cheers v.much….”

Jerome D.

Jerome D.

“Awesome —-just got my MN setup in no time👍 .”

Steve A.

Steve A.

“Hey.! Thumbs up for this one.! Never been easyer. Look forward to see more videoes like this,! ;)”

Tomas I.

Tomas I.


If you’re a Masternode Developer, we’d love to have a chat. We’re sure our services would benefit both your network and users.

Dockerize Wallet & Daemon

We dockerize the Masternode daemon and wallet. This in turn allows deploys and upgrades to be performed quickly and seamlessly, all with minimal fuss from the users point of view.

Automated Deploys

Server setup and Masternode deploys are automate through a custom cloud-init script, which among other things, installs updates and needed software, secures the server and configures Sentinel when needed, it’s all very magical.

Detailed Instructions

Even though deploying a Masternode server is mostly automated with our process, there are still a few steps to perform, so we present simple to follow instructions in high a quality screencast.

Get in touch

If you’re a Masternode Developer and would love to work with us, get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.